Academy Programs

Our Academy programs give players a chance to improve their games by competing against other students of comparable ability; it’s the ideal complement to private instruction. Alumni from our academy have gone on to compete at the collegiate level as well as the professional level. Check back soon for a complete list of our alumni.

We offer academy levels for intermediate and advanced students. How do we (generally) define intermediate and advanced?

Intermediate – Players beginning their tournament preparation or competing for a Junior Varsity position on their high school team. Students should be able to have a 20 shot rally from the baseline, have reliable groundstrokes, and correct technique on volleys, overheads and serves. Footwork should be sound, and players should be learning how to develop full control over the depth and pace of their shots.

Advanced –  Competitive tournament players or high school varsity level. Students should have excellent technique on all shots and be able to use spin and depth as reliable offensive and defensive weapons. Advanced players should have excellent footwork, and ability to adapt their tennis strategy to suit their opponent.