Junior Development Tennis

The main goals of our Junior Development Program are to build essential tennis skills and create excitement about the sport!

Here’s a description of our classes:

Big Hitters:
Recommended Age: 4-6
Prerequisite Skills: None
Description: Perfect class for young kids who are new to tennis. Focuses on the basics of forehands, backhands, and volleys, and also emphasizes FUN!

Junior Development 1 (JD1):
Typical Age Range: 7-10
Prerequisite Skills: None

Junior Development 2 (JD2):
Typical Age Range Age: 7-11
Prerequisite Skills: Basic groundstroke technique, footwork, an understanding of elementary tennis terminology, and ability to maintain low level rally’s from the service line.

Junior Development 3 (JD3):
Typical Age Range: 7-13
Prerequisite Skills: Ability to change grips comfortably with each shot, sound forehand and backhand technique, ability to volley, hit overheads, move comfortably throughout the court, and rally from the baseline.

***Instructors have final verdict in determining the correct class level for students.